Production Halls

Four different production halls totaling a capacity of approx. 5 tonnes/ hour cater to the manufacture of our various product lines. With fully-integrated facilities for packaging & filling, our production halls are constantly being upgraded for top class equipment and manufacturing practices.

  • Production Hall No. 1
    • No. of Soap Lines : 2 Lines.
    • Products Manufactured : Beauty Soaps, Medicated Soaps, Multipurpose Soaps and Laundry Soaps.
    • Type of Packing Machines : Flow Wrap, Paper Wrap, Monocartoning, Bundling to Different Matrices.
  • Production Hall No. 2
    • No. of Soap Lines : 2 Lines.
    • Products Manufactured : Laundry Soap of Various Types.
    • Type of Packing : Naked Laundry Soaps in Cartons.
  • Production Hall No. 3
    • Products manufactured : Beauty soaps, Medicated soaps, Multipurpose soaps, Laundry soaps.
    • No. of Soap Lines : 2 Lines
    • Type of Packing : Flow Wrap, Paper Wrap, Monocartoning
  • Production Hall No. 4
    • Products Manufactured :  Dish Wash Liquid, Hand Wash Liquid, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Scouring Powder.
    • Type of Filling and Packing : Liquid and Powder Filling in Bottle.